About the new marina

Our plan provides an offline marina for 249 boats on land to the north of Cropredy village. Our focus is simply to provide quality moorings for privately-owned boats– there will be no hire boats or commercial timeshare boats. There will be no workshops, shops, cafe or pub on site, nor any residential units. The only buildings will be the marina office & facilities building, and small storage units, tastefully designed in stained timber, and screened by extensive landscaping. Similarly, the car parking area will be heavily screened. All existing trees and hedgerows on the land will be retained, as will the small stream. The marina basins will occupy less than 15% of the overall site, and will be positioned on the lowest ground, well away from the houses on the northern edge of the village.

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Why the need for a new marina?

Ever since it opened in 1778, the southern Oxford Canal has been a key feature of the village of Cropredy. Until the 1950s, the boat traffic was primarily commercial, travelling between the River Thames at Oxford, and the Grand Union Canal junction at Napton.

Since the 1960s, usage has become almost entirely pleasure boating, and the canal probably ranks as the most scenic and popular in the south of England.

Unfortunately, this popularity has never been complemented by an adequate provision of offline marina moorings for the many users of the canal. Indeed, there is presently only one small offline marina between Oxford and Napton. This shortfall in offline moorings is reflected in the huge number of boats moored along the canal banks which impede cruising boats and towpath users.

The lack of marinas in the area was mentioned at a recent meeting called to oppose the proposed 600-berth marina at Onley, Warks. The southern Oxford was specifically mentioned by speakers as a much better location for a new marina to meet local needs.

The canal is also currently under-provided with canalside services for boats cruising the canal. Owners of hire fleets which operate in the area have welcomed the proposed canalside pumpout and fuel service.

More about the proposal…

Lighting of the site will be of very low wattage and mounted low to the ground to minimise light pollution. Boats will have access to mains power; therefore the running of generators or boat engines while in the marina will be minimal.

There will be no permanent residential moorings.

The proposed site is very low-lying, meaning that the quantity of spoil to be excavated is not great. This enables the basins to be dug out quickly with all the spoil being spread shallowly within the site. Therefore, there will be no heavy traffic through the village, and the effect of the spoil spreading on the appearance of the landscape will be imperceptible. Basin sides will be naturally sloped, and not piled.  Any construction equipment travelling to or from the site will be routed along Oxhey Hill, away from the village.

We are keen to be a “good neighbour” to Cropredy village and a key player in its ongoing prosperity. Our customers will also be customers of businesses in the village and the surrounding area, where they will help boost sales. The marina will seek to employ local residents, will offer a mooring discount to local people, and will contribute to local charitable causes.

We have a track record of being a "good neighbour" at our marina at Crick, Northants.  Visitors are always welcome at Crick to view the marina.  Please see the Crick Marina website.

For further information...

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to receive emailed updates from us, please write to - cropredy@mooring.co.uk



Planning Decision Welcomed 

At a meeting of Cherwell District Council Planning Committee, on Thursday 5 January, members approved the proposed development of a new marina to the north of the village of Cropredy, on the Oxford Canal.

The new development will provide an offline marina for 249 boats, on land which is currently in agricultural use. The marina will occupy less than 20% of the overall site, and be positioned on the lowest ground, well away from the houses on the northern edge of the village. Presently, there is only one small offline marina on the Oxford Canal in the 44 miles between Oxford and Napton, which is reflected in the large numbers of boats moored along the banks of the canal.

There will be no workshops, shops or residential units on site. The only buildings will be a marina office and facilities building, with small storage units, all screened by extensive landscaping. Existing hedgerows, trees and watercourses will be retained and enhanced with additional informal native shrub and tree planting.

Tim Langer, developer of the marina, said: “We welcome the decision of the Cherwell District Council Planning Committee, and thank Cropredy Parish Council and local residents for their support and guidance throughout the extensive consultation and planning process. In developing the new marina our focus will be quite simply to provide quality moorings and to be a ‘good neighbour’ to the Village, and a key player in its on-going prosperity.”

Tim continued: “Now the marina application has been approved I can start to put together a timetable for its development. We will continue to listen and work closely with local residents, Cropredy Parish Council, and all interested parties.”

Welcome to the website for Cropredy Marina. The website is a preliminary one and will be updated with more detailed information and plans as the building of the new marina progresses.